Intern. Conference Progress in Biogas IV 2017

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The International Conference Progress in Biogas IV will be held in #Stuttgart, Germany on March 8th to 10th, 2017 at the University of #Hohenheim. The conference is organized by the #IBBK Fachgruppe #Biogas GmbH in cooperation with the #UniHohenheim.

Practitioners and #scientists are welcome to enrich this event by sharing their knowledge!

We are seeking for contributions dealing with the session themes of the conference:

Low-tech #biogasplants
Biogas generation from #biowaste and #wastewater treatment plants
#Digestate application and management
Process control, modeling of the biogas process
Process inhibition (N-rich substrates)
Innovative #digestion technologies
Pretreatment technologies
Self-sufficiency and safety of energy supply
Gas cleaning - gas processing
Optimal integration of biogas in the energy system
Practitioners forum

Veranstaltungsort und Adresse

Universität Hohenheim, Schloss Hohenheim, 70593 Stuttgart

Intern. Conference Progress in Biogas IV 2017

Diese Veranstaltung in Stuttgart (Plieningen) wurde von International Biogas and Bioenergy Centre of Competence (IBBK) veröffentlicht.