Leadership, Interaction and Empathy

A monthly meetup from Teamwork Development Lab. Topic this time: Leadership, Interaction and Empathy.
Leaders are pivots in an organization, and good interaction with and by them can impact heavily on an organization, positively and negatively.
This meetup takes place in English!

Further Information: https://meeet.de/leadership-interaction-and-empathy/
Registration: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Teamwork-Development-Lab/events/258596193/?eventId=258596193&isFirstPublish=true

Veranstaltungsort und Adresse

Meeet Mitte, Chausseestr. 86, 10115 Berlin

    26. Februar 2019

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Leadership, Interaction and Empathy

Diese Veranstaltung in Berlin (Mitte) wurde von Frank4Meeet veröffentlicht. Leadership, Interaction and Empathy ist den Rubriken Business, Leadership, Meetup und Workshop zugeordnet.