This format opens the festival and is dedicated to newcomers, shorter performances and workin-
progress. Spend an entire afternoon taking in six different performances. In between the
performances, you can enjoy fantastic food, luxurious libations and magnificent music by international, Berlin-based musicians:

an interactive performance

We have entered the age of loneliness. Social
media, modern work ethics and urban lifestyles all
contribute to a system that exposes us to loneliness
on a regular basis and on a global scale.
This interactive performance invites the audience
to create a space for loneliness to take place. Can we
transform loneliness from a place of suffering to
become a source of strength?

Concept and Performance by Ming Poon
(Singapore/The Netherlands), Photography
by Olivia Kwok (Singapore)

a theater performance

Banana Pride™ is a party. It’s an exaggeration. It’s an
exaggerated party. It’s a farce with hints of music,
dance, clichés, and stereotypes. It’s a soap opera.
It’s a cabaret night. It’s a glamorous tragedy. It’s a
job interview. It’s a provocation. It’s a political act, a
feminist act, a celebration, a carnival night. Banana
Pride™ is a manifesto.

Directed and Performed by Kysy Fischer (Brazil), Dramaturgy and Performed by Paola Pilnik (Brazil), Performed by Teija Vaittinen (Finland), Performed by Rafuska Marks (Brazil), Devised by ABA NAIA and Paola Pilnik, Scenography by Inga Aleknaviciute (Lithuania), Lighting Design by Thais Nepomuceno (Brazil), Photography by Mari Vass (Brazil)

an interactive performance

It’s hard to know what to say sometimes. Is there a message you
need to send? Maybe you need to tell your crush you can’t stop
thinking about them, tell your roommate their sexy role-playing
is way too loud, or tell your mom you hate her new tattoo. If you
can’t find the words, play Text Roulette and let Finn O’Branagáin
draft them for you – then choose to send, save, delete or ask for a
sign. Sign up to participate or watch it unfold from the safety of
the audience. Sign up form: tinyurl.com/textroulette

Created and Performed by Finn O’Branagáin (Australia), Operator Bronwyn Miller (Australia), Design by
Clare Testoni (Australia), Composed by Tom Hogan (Australia), Sound Design by Nathan Jamieson (Australia), Dramaturgy by Alexa Taylor (Australia), Photography by David Cox (Australia)

a dance performance

Solar Threshold fosters the idea of pleasure,
sensuality and spirituality as tools for decolonizing
bodies. The vibrations of the voice create a temple of
sounds and movement that merges the notions of
pleasure, sensuality and spirituality. Ritual chanting
is interwoven with reggaeton to generate liminal
spaces where new bodies/entities/identities appear

Concept and Performance by Maque Pereyra (Bolivia), Costume Design by Paola Bascón (Bolivia) and Maque Pereyra, Sound Design by Mars Dietz (USA), Dramaturgical Support by Verena Melgarejo (Germany/Boliva), Lighting Design by Hanna Kritten Tangsoo (Estonia/Germany), Drawing by Lucia Ramirez (Bolivia), Photography by Gisela Zárate (Colombia)

music theater

This science fiction drag ritual is an experimental invocation
for a constant distribution of desires based
on visions and fantasies Shlomi Moto Wagner has
experienced since he was three years old. It explores
transformations, mutations and re-manifestations
of the idea of being, the sensuality of being a body,
the politics of having a body and the poetics of sharing
a bodily experience. All bodies are welcome and
audience participation is highly encouraged

Created and Performed by Shlomi Moto Wagner (Israel), Photography by David Beecroft (Germany)

a performance

Do you like to watch or be watched? She enjoys the feeling of your gaze upon her.
Elle Peril is a con artist. Elle Peril is an identity crisis. Elle Peril is the truest lie she ever told.

When a girl from the USA falls victim to a heinous crime, she impulsive moves to Berlin and invents a fictional life to cope with the traumatic consequences. Inspired by the autobiographic experiences of performance artist and poet Lena Chen, Poseur explores the power and the peril of living as a woman in the public gaze.

Directed by Frederika Tsai (Taiwan/Germany), Written and Performed by Lena Chen (USA/Germany), Music by Alex Weber (Germany), Illustration and Animation by Lucas Paixao (Brazil), Video Design by Elfie Wu (Taiwan/Germany), Photography by Edward Isais (USA)

Veranstaltungsort und Adresse

F40 Berlin, Fidicinstraße 40, 10965 Berlin

    Tickets für 28. April 2019

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